• UPDATE on Sweetees x-play and Darlings RULES

    4/21/2018 It has been brought to DSI’s attention that the following overthrow rules for the SWEETEES X-play and the DARLINGS were were either not clearly written or inadvertently omitted in the 2018 Rule G... More
  • State Tournament's Stie's & Dates

    2018 State Tournament's   Sweeties: Lawrence County 7/6/18 Darlings: Mendenhall 7/13/18 Angels Trad & X-play: Magee 7/13/18 Ponytails Trad & Xplay: Taylorsville 7/6/18 Bells: Magee 7/13/... More
  • Passing of Leland Gatson Father

    It is with great sadness to report the passing of our former state director Leland Gaston Father Howard Gatson Jr. The wake is Thursday from 5:00 pm-8: 00 pm. The funeral is Friday at 10:00 am both will be he... More
  • Dixie Softball state meeting

    State meeting is January 28th at 12:00 noon at the LaQuinta Inn in Hattiesburg. Meeting will be in the hotel conference room. All league coaches and umpires are welcome.